About Us

We are SocialRocket

We are a Mumbai-based full-service digital and software development agency built for the now. We analyse, plan and execute successful digital marketing campaigns driven by unique, forward-thinking strategies. Our focus is to empower your brand to skyrocket to new heights, creatively. We are the best-of-breed creative partners you are looking for.

In just one year, we have had 20+ clients choose us as partners for their creative journey. Our client roster is diverse, ranging from travel to FMCG to fintech. We believe this variety gives us a real advantage in providing diverse, well-rounded creative solutions.

We have our sights set on becoming the first digital marketing agency based on Blockchain and AI technology. We are on a path of constant evolution to become reliable partners and a one-stop creative shop for all our clients’ marketing goals. We aim to be the rocket that propels creativity and our clients’ business above competition. .

Whether online or the real world, we deliver. We are passionate about delivering exceptional services and producing a high standard of creative thinking. We are your digital marketing team who would love coming up with solutions for your challenges. Most of all, we are creative partners who would love to help grow your business.